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Friday, 19 October 2012

Hatched today and vaccinated by my sister, there are Light Sussex large fowl also, rhode x light sussex, barnvelder x light sussex and a few others, in bantams, there are Lemon Mille fleur barbu d`uccle, red pekins, mottled pekins, and Polands in all colours.
Please ring if you are interested in any of these chicks, a care sheet can be supplied if you would like to rear these yourself and see the full life cycle of the birds.
The large fowl birds from this selection will be laying in the spring.
Copper Black Maran eggs are being set in the incubator today to give hybrid copper black chicks in 3 weeks time.
Please ring if you would like to order any of these birds, sexed at day old so no cockerels if you just want hens thats fine.

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