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welcome to my blog which I am hoping will keep you up to date with what is happening at Fosters Poultry but if you have any questions please e mail or phone we will be glad to be of assistance.

Friday, 5 July 2013

5th July 2013 Update on Fosters Poultry

I have been informed that over the last month my other web site of fosterschickens.co.uk had been hacked and had malware files on it.
This has now been dealt with so I am sorry if you had a problem with the site, everything is now back to normal.

As for the normal life of Fosters Poultry, we have had a delivery from our rearing shed of White Leghorns, Rhode Rock and Light Sussex. These are 16 weeks old and all vaccinated, ready to go to new homes. A Care sheet can be supplied if needed.  These birds are £15.00 each.
Other birds here for sale is Goldlines, which are 16 weeks old and we are selling for £9 each.

The Copper Blacks which we have had for the last 2 weeks have proved very popular so we only have 10 left now.
Aylesbury Ducklings here now are 2 weeks old and unsexed we are selling these for £5.00 each.
Goslings all sexed girls are also here 3 weeks old and selling for £12.00 each.

Nick and I are as busy as ever so please ring before coming to view the birds.  I am not in the best of health at the moment having to take steroids on a daily basis so please be patient if I cannot see you on the day or time you would like.  Tel: 07709933064
Here`s to a lovely weekend, I hope everyone enjoys the sunshine, please think of the birds and realise that they do not like being caught in hot weather, so we would appreciate customers collecting the birds in the evenings as this is far less stressfull for them.  Thankyou for reading and if you do come to visit, please mention that you have read this blog. Then I will know if its worth writing regularly.